Net Zero Custom

Home Builder

We are a leading net zero and sustainable custom home builder.
We are an innovative and leading edge home builder.

Net Zero Custom Home Builder

If you are looking for the ultimate experience of efficiency, comfort, and luxury modern design, a Net Zero home could be the perfect option. DB Custom Homes is an energy efficient custom home builder, with projects spanning from Toronto, Oakville, Hamilton, and beyond.

As a Net Zero custom home builder who also specializes in luxury custom home design, you have the capacity to experience the best of all worlds: an energy efficient, sustainable home design that maximizes green building technologies along with the contemporary look and feel of a modern custom home.

We are a luxury net zero design build firm.
We are a luxury and sustainable design builder.

Experience Innovation at its Best

With the use of renewable energy systems, Net Zero Homes are up to 80% more energy efficient than conventionally-built new homes, only ever producing as much clean energy as they consume. All of the leading sustainable building technologies and features of a Net Zero custom modern home work seamlessly together to provide exceptional energy performance, improved comfort, not to mention the impact on savings.

While improved energy savings and comfort of a living space through exceptional energy performance is a major appeal of the homes we design, the preservation of natural resources and a reduced environmental footprint is the ultimate benefit. Through leading sustainable building practices, DB Custom Homes is able to deliver the luxury of a modern custom home with an environmentally friendly impact.

Contact DB Custom Homes today to discuss how we can apply energy efficient practices to your home, and get started on building the environmentally-friendly custom home of your dreams.