London Luxury Modern Custom Home Builder

We are modern custom home builder in the London, Ontario area.
DB Custom Homes is a modern luxury custom home builder in London, Ontario.

A Luxury Custom Home Builder in London

London, Ontario, affectionately known as “The Forest City” for its abundance of trees that line most streets throughout the city, is fast-becoming a new hub of metropolitan activity in Southwestern Ontario. A growing population matched with the surrounding of expansive lands for building just outside of the city, makes this emerging city a natural choice for those looking to design and build a modern custom home.

DB Custom Homes is a leading modern luxury custom home building company serving the London, Ontario area.
We are a green, net zero, and sustainable design build firm.


Exceptional Quality and Standards for Your Modern Custom Home

When designing and building your modern custom home in London, the highest standards in quality and modern architectural design are paramount. DB Custom Homes has the innovation, expertise, experience, and resources to execute on the design and build of your luxury custom home in London and the surrounding area, no matter where you are in the process. Whether you are currently working with an architect’s plans, or looking to collaborate with our in-house modern architecture design team, we offer a full-service approach to making the modern custom home of your dreams a real-life, elevated experience.

We are a net zero and sustainable custom home builder in London, Ontario.
We are a custom home architectural designer serving London Ontario.


Ready to experience the elevated lifestyle of a modern luxury custom home in London?

Contact us today to discuss your vision for your modern home design. As your London custom home builder, we are committed to exploring the vision you have, and walking you through, step-by-step, on the journey of getting you from where you are, to where you want to be with your modern custom home.