Meet the

DB Custom

Homes team

David Bernstein - CEO of DB Custom Homes.


With a level of creativity and innovation that has quickly become sought-after in the modern build industry, David’s mission is to craft luxurious and state-of-the-art custom homes that are also highly functional and sustainable.

Inspired by international cutting-edge building techniques and design, his appreciation for the finer, more contemporary details is truly evident in every project he takes on. Along with his dedicated team, each moving piece is brought together synergistically, and the result is a work of art that is never the same as the one that came before it.

The homes David has built over the years are a symbol of his passion for his craft, but behind the scenes, his dedication to his clients and the life-long friendships that are forged in the process, are what he truly prides himself on.

Our Mission

“To constantly redefine the modern luxury space with homes that truly innovate, inspire and offer sanctuary within a rapidly changing world”


The DB Custom Homes

The DB Custom Homes team has the experience, training, resources, and connections to bring your luxury modern custom home to life.