in Form and

DB Custom Homes provides innovation in form and function.
Our luxury custom home building firm consists of a high performance team.


We are not your typical custom home builder.
Built over decades of experience, our high-performance, integrative systems and processes offer an advanced opportunity for our clients to get more and expect more out of a custom home build. With a selective and personalized approach to the homes we build, every detail, design element and feature is built to suit your lifestyle, creating a truly customized experience.

Along with a strong and dedicated network of trades and suppliers, we have built a team of in-house professionals that live and breathe the modern home building world. We take a cutting-edge approach to how we operate and in what we build, creating life-changing luxury custom homes that truly elevate the everyday.

DB Custom Homes is a home builder with a focus on sustainability.
As a modern custom home builder, we believe in building green for the better.

for the better

Wellness lives here. We believe in building sophisticated spaces that reconnect you with nature and nourish your well-being. More than just a set of walls, your modern custom home should elevate the quality of your life. This could mean incorporating features such as more natural and simulated sunlight to improve your body’s circadian rhythm, installing green walls and roofs to purify the air, or creating a “passive” structure that provides optimal comfort while using less energy. These and many other wellness-driven options will be discussed when planning your modern custom home build.

We use the most up-to-date construction management software in the industry.

Technology to
keep track of
every aspect
of your project

DB Custom Homes uses the most up-to-date, easy to operate, cloud-based construction management software the industry has to offer. Simply sign in and enjoy every aspect of your project presented on a screen in front of you. Whether on your home computer, at the office or on your smartphone or tablet, you can see the real-time updates or review your budget, construction schedule, selections list, photos, documents and more at your own convenience.


“Simply no comparison”

“Phenomenal customer service and communication, something rare in a contractor. Fair pricing and a better way of billing monthly with no upfront fees. Younger, can-do attitude; equally respectful and talented crew. Creative in dealing with challenging construction issues. Works effectively with sub-contractors and architects. Interviewed six contractors before awarding job to DB Custom Homes. Simply no comparison.”

Penelope B

DB Custom Homes is a modern luxury custom home builder in Southern Ontario.

“I highly recommend David”

“I can say without hesitation that I highly recommend David. With respect to quality of workmanship each of the individual trades who worked on our projects were of the highest quality. Costs and scheduling are always up front and accurate. In terms of dealing personally with David I have had a fabulous experience. He is ALWAYS available for consultation and keeps on top of the job with constant feedback to you the homeowner. He and his crews are trustworthy and polite, not to mention very tidy.”

Marilyn B

DB Custom Homes is a modern luxury custom home builder in Ontario.

“Words pale to express our appreciation”

“Words pale to express our appreciation and genuine trust in working with David and his incredible team at DB Custom Homes. David kept us closely involved and without missing a beat, he responded to every single question and concern we had, and always welcomed our options and ideas throughout our custom home build and post-build process. David takes the time to investigate, communicate, and resolve matters as every build is a personal extension of himself. David and his team take tremendous care and pride in all that they do, and that scope certainly is tremendous! The feeling we have in our new home is absolutely beyond what we ever dreamed possible, the attention to aesthetic and detail is above the highest standard, and the continued client care and support that we experience with David and his team is priceless.”

Abigail Pinto C & Boyan S

“More than outstanding”

“Our experience with David Bernstein Custom Homes and Renovations was more than outstanding and we would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending David and his crew. Throughout the renovation we felt that David was “on our side” making sure that we had the best quality workmanship at the best price. Ours is an older home, a challenge whenever renovating. David met all the challenges head on and always found solutions to any problems in efficient and cost effective ways. He uses only the best trades, adheres to building codes and best practices and his honesty is above reproach. As always there are slight delays in schedule, these were either our fault as we made changes to the original plans and added to the scope of work or caused by unsuspected problems that always arise in an older home. Had we adhered to the original plan, we have no doubt that everything would have been completed in a timely manner. When David tells you workmen are arriving at a certain time, they are there and David is constantly visiting and supervising the site to ensure all is going to plan. Phone calls and e-mails are promptly answered and it seems that customer satisfaction is of prime importance. This was not our first renovation experience and while we had been happy with our former contractor we have to say that David operated with more professionalism as did his crew. We hope you have the opportunity to work with David, we are sure you will be more than satisfied.”

Denise and Rob R

DB Custom Homes is a luxury custom home builder in Ontario.

“We are very happy with David and look forward to working with him again”

“David, in short is an excellent contractor. From the start of our project, he has been on top of levery detail and has offered advice and help on our decisions, big or small. Despite his age, he brings years of experience to the table and has the energy and commitment of someone that lives by the fact that you are only as good as your last job. He only works with the best trades and they have stayed within the schedule since the start. Any delay has been due to weather, material delay or lack of clarity on our part. If there is any delay, he communicates right away. His communication is seriously amazing. We had issues with the city and our architect, so we worked together 4 months before we even started the project on June and he was very supportive during that process. Any budget over runs were due to the architectural plans and these were discussed and agreed to. He is very driven and does not accept sub-par work, this is from the framing, the insulation, the foundation and other things that are not seen. He builds beyond what the building code specifies, as what is specified is the minimum standard. Honestly, we are very happy with David and look forward to working with him again.”

Norm M

We build stunning luxury custom homes.

“Dave is the consummate professional”

“He is honest, transparent and very responsive to his clients. He truly is invested in all his projects, taking personal pride in each one – this is also reflective of the team of trades and industry people he has amassed for each project, ensuring a seamless and thoughtful process. In our own project, he was our advocate and our conscience when it came to making sure the process was running smoothly and keeping us on budget. His work is impeccable and he goes above and beyond and NEVER cuts corners. I would recommend his renovation and building services for the discriminating client who takes pride in his/her home. You won’t go wrong with Dave.”

Yiin S

We build stunning luxury custom homes.

“DB Custom Homes is an exceptional home builder on every level.”

“We could not have asked for a better, more enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Dave and his crew are absolutely everything you want in a custom home builder; smart, honest, reliable, transparent, excellent communicators and more importantly, great listeners. They always choose to do the right thing. If we were to do it all over again, without question, we would choose DB Custom Homes.”

Steve & Cathy P

We build stunning luxury custom homes.