Laminated Strand Lumber

Laminated Strand Lumber

LSL Lumber (Laminated Strand Lumber) is an environmentally friendly wood product made of layered wood strands or flakes and compressed with adhesive to produce a variety of wood components including beams and studs for premiere residential home builds. 

LSL Lumber is generally superior to traditional lumber due to consistency in design, structure, weight, strength and resistance to shrinking and warping. In other words if you want to build a perfectly straight wall that won’t twist, expand and contract then you’re using LSLs which is why we choose to use it for our custom builds. 

It also has a higher shear strength so when turned into beams LSLs have capacity for larger penetrations than conventional lumber and even other engineered wood beam options.

Contact us today should you have any questions about LSLs and how we choose to implement LSLs into our custom built homes.

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