Green Roof Systems

Green Roof Systems

Green Roofs provide a wide range of benefits and have been gaining popularity in forward thinking countries around the world. They not only provide proven return on investment by absorbing the damaging rays of the sun, blocking the UV from damaging roofing systems, but also represent opportunities for significant social, and environmental benefits, particularly in high density cities.

A green roof system is an extension of the existing roof which involves, at a minimum, high quality water-proofing, root repellent system, drainage system, filter cloth, a lightweight growing medium, and plants.

Some of the benefits are summarized below:

Stormwater Management

Green Roofs not only retain rainwater, but also moderate the temperature of the water and act as natural filters for any of the rain that happens to run off. They also delay the time at which runoff occurs, resulting in decreased stress on sewer systems at peak flow periods. In summer, green roofs can retain 70-90 percent of the precipitation that falls on them. While in winter, they can retain between 25-40 percent of the precipitation that falls on them.

Improved Air Quality

The plants on green roofs can capture airborne pollutants, atmospheric deposition, and also filter noxious gases. The temperature moderating effects of green roofs can reduce demand on power plants, and potentially decrease the amount of CO2 and other polluting by-products being released into the air.

Energy Efficiency

Green Roofs prolong the service life of heating, ventilation, and HVAC systems through decreased use. The greater insulation offered by green roofs can reduce the amount of energy needed to moderate the temperature of a building, as roofs are the site of the greatest heat loss in the winter and the hottest temperatures in the summer. For example, research published by the National Research Council of Canada found that an extensive green roof reduced the daily energy demand for air conditioning in the summer by over 75 percent.

Noise Reduction

Green roofs have excellent noise attenuation, especially for low frequency sounds. An extensive green roof can reduce sound from outside by 40 decibels, while an intensive green roof can reduce sound by 46-50 decibels.

Roofing System Protection

Flat roofing systems would last a lifetime or possibly more if it weren’t for the damaging heat and UV radiation from the sun. Green roofs act as a protective blanket limiting the heat and completely blocking harmful Ultra-Violent rays.

At DB Custom Homes, we are constantly installing green roofing systems simply because it makes sense. All homes should be built to last and as energy efficient, environmentally conscious and beautiful as possible.

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