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of modern luxury

DB Custom Homes is not your typical luxury custom home builder.
Our clients get more and expect more out of a custom home build.

About Us


We are not your typical custom home builder.
Built over decades of experience, our high-performance, integrative systems and processes offer an advanced opportunity for our clients to get more and expect more out of a custom home build. With a selective and personalized approach to the homes we build, every detail, design element and feature is built to suit your lifestyle, creating a truly customized experience.

Along with a strong and dedicated network of trades and suppliers, we have built a team of in-house professionals that live and breathe the modern home building world. We take a cutting-edge approach to how we operate and in what we build, creating life-changing luxury custom homes that truly elevate the everyday.

Our Mission

“To constantly redefine the modern luxury space with homes that truly innovate, inspire and offer sanctuary within a rapidly changing world”


Our Uniqueness


As a modern custom home builder, with a focus on sustainability, our mission is to enhance your lifestyle on every level. Qualified in net-zero home building, our state-of-the-art design and building techniques strive to support a lifestyle of wellness, luxury and functionality for each and every client.

Connecting elements such as energy efficiency, innovative technology and modern architecture, a thoughtful and resource-efficient approach is taken to each step of the process. The result is a custom home that costs less to maintain, has less of an impact on the environment, and a far greater impact on your well-being.

DB Custom Homes provides sustainable custom home building solutions for our clients.
We are a modern custom home design firm also specializing in custom home building.
DB Custom Homes is a luxury modern custom home design firm.


Experience world class luxury modern home design with our exclusive Architectural and Interior Design team. Innovation that connects sustainability, functionality and aesthetics. Using the latest in cutting edge 3D rendering software, virtual reality exploration and BIM home modeling, our client experience is as exciting as it is comprehensive. Our design team works alongside our operations team to ensure building practices, material selection and budget come together synergistically. From concept to completion, a design/build scenario allows for a holistic and targeted approach, bringing all elements together in one place, as your modern home vision becomes reality.

What we do



In partnership with your architect, we take you through our signature build process focusing on a high level of accuracy from all team members involved.

Design & Build

The design/build process brings together our in-house design team with construction management, to seamlessly and efficiently take your vision and turn it into reality.


Opt for the full-service DB experience, bringing design, build, interior design, landscape and furniture selection together synergistically.

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