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    Making Your Dreams a Reality

    Ensuring premium quality and value

    Making Your Dreams a Reality

    Ensuring premium quality and value

Our Process

1. Introduction & Design Direction



Sit down with DB Custom Homes to discuss your vision and how to make it work within your budget.



Look through our process, list of references, and any permits that need to be obtained for your project.



DB will recommend and put you in contact with a designer/architect if necessary based on specific project needs and budget.


2. Preliminary Design/Pricing

  • Work with designer/architect and DB Custom Homes to put your vision on paper

  • Plans are priced in detail with a presentation of options that can ensure quality and cost efficiency

  • Contract review and signing

  • Scheduling firmed up and BuilderTrend Management software initiated

  • All necessary permits are applied for

  • Our Process
  • 3. Pre-Construction

    These critical weeks get you a jump on product selections. DB works with you to ensure you’re getting maximum quality and value. You’re directed to the tried and true, high service providing suppliers by which our clients can also take advantage of the discounts provided to DB. Management software takes you step by step to various suppliers in the order in which we require them so there’s never any confusion as to what to do, who to talk to or where to go.


4. Construction

  • Enjoy watching our team of dedicated professionals bring the plans to life

  • Integrate yourself as much as you wish in understanding each aspect of the building process

  • On top of the regular day to day communication between you and your builder, you have Bi-weekly scheduled meetings with your contractor and site supervisor to keep you well-informed and on track with your selections

  • Assisted Move-In Transition
  • 5. Home Sweet Home

    Assisted Move-In Transition

    DB works with you for the first days/weeks as you settle into your new home.

    Learning About Your Home

    We ensure you learn all the new aspects of your home and are satisfied with every detail.

    A Part of the DB Family

    You can expect us to be there for you should anything arise in the future.
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    Ready to have the house you have always wanted?

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